Why raw

Deciding which food to fed your pet, can become a confusing and daunting task with so many different brands on offer. Ultimately our choice of nutrition is an integral segment of this process so that our companions can live a long and heathy life. Having a pet is not a privilege. Instead it is a symbiotic relationship of companionship and trust that extends beyond all the boundaries of everyday life. Animals are part and parcel of our ecosystem and like no man is an island so too this world would not be in balance if we only existed without the animal kingdom.

Unfortunately, commercial pet food companies have cleverly decided how we should feed our pets. Through extensive marketing drives, scare-mongering, glossy packaging to mention a few. Creating the idea that the consumer is incapable of providing wholesome meals for their pets without the collaboration from corporate executives. It is highly unlikely we would consume the same processed foods everyday of our lives. Appropriate, sustainable nutrition can be achieved by choosing a diet that varies, is fresh, unadulterated and is brimming with living enzymes that are required to sustain life on a daily basis.

Although we cannot copy the footprint of Mother Nature we can surely mimic what dogs and cats evolved were designed to eat naturally. By providing for them a biologically appropriate meal that allows their systems to work effectively and hopefully building their immune system through a diet tat puts very little stress on the body and ultimately helps protect them from degenerative diseases and other health complications associated with proper nutrition. It is not the germ, it is all about the terrain”. Lois Pasteur

Some potential benefits pet parents have observed when feeding Doggobone:

  • - Healthy, shiny coat with little to no odour.
  • - Better breath, reduced tartar build-up and healthy teeth.
  • - A noticeable Reduction in allergies, skin ailments and ear infections.
  • - Increased energy.
  • - Smaller, biodegradable, less odious stools
  • - Ideal weight control – Raw food, keeps your pet’s weight in control by feeding the amount of food appropriate to your pet’s needs. The body is not maintained by the amount of food fed but the amount of nutrients in the food that are absorbed by the body.

The potential benefits of feeding raw are to numerous to mention and your pets will love the food you provide for them and besides loving us unconditionally we will also be better equipped to manage their care effectively. So, while the responsibility for providing good nutrition for our pts might seem complicated it is no less when our own nutritional needs need to be satisfied. We can accomplish this by consuming a variety of fresh foods ourselves and for our pets.

Technically, or domesticated dogs and cats may or may not differ from their wild counterparts in any ways as science has tried to prove, but their dentition and digestive system has in essence remained unchanged. By domesticating them and feeding what we have been accustomed to eat in no way means that just because their bodies are able to utilize some of the nutrients from the food being fed that it is the appropriate nutrition for them.

Therefore, feeding a species appropriate raw food should be the first choice of nutrition for cats and dogs. It is also imperative to remember that feeding pets this way is not re-inventing the wheel but rather returning to how they should have been eating in the first place.